Answering your Game Development Questions

30 Mar Answering your Game Development Questions

Dominic Matthews

An important part of Hellblade’s open development is giving students and budding developers an insight into how games are made in the industry today. Last week we asked for your general game development questions and in this video I sit down with Tameem to answer some of them:


  • André Vila Franca
    Posted at 21:06h, 30 March Reply

    Thanks for the video guys! Keep it up

  • RodyHW
    Posted at 23:18h, 30 March Reply

    I couldn’t agree more with your vision of the game. Too many developers nowadays forgot that a game is an experience and a vision of the studio who worked on it.

    When they are not sure of something instead of making a choice, they ask everything to the players. As a consequence of this, the games are tasteless because ironically we got exactly what we asked for.
    That’s why we end up with some bullshit series like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed with no ambition except making profit.

    Keep moving forward (and on this way !) guys.
    PS: Btw I Love your Playstation sweat-shirt haha 🙂

  • Sérgio Nehama
    Posted at 08:10h, 31 March Reply

    GOTY in the making! love to be a part of this form this early!

  • Vince R.
    Posted at 23:50h, 01 April Reply

    I second everything RodyHW said… including the comment on the shirt.

    Ninja Theory is on its way to becoming the apotheosis of what I believe a game studio should be. Not only the thought processes and presentation, but the heart poured into your games that shows in every way. Your vision of DMC was the first version I have ever played where the moment I finished the game I wanted to know what was going to happen

    As a fan of your studio, in general, I’m sharing everything I can with everyone I can on Hellblade and plan to for your future endeavors. Many thanks to you all for being true to yourselves and the gamers’ spirit.

  • Carlo
    Posted at 19:18h, 07 April Reply

    In the corner of an office lit with incandescent/flourescent lighting, two mates sit on a couch in what seems like a private conversation. They discuss how they make games, but more important was the why they make a game (No plural here). In quite tones with sincere understanding of the process, punctuated with thoughtful silence, we are walked through a honest view of game development. Wait a minute… this isn’t the norm!

    Listening to their conversation this phase comes to mind, “I would be doing this even if I wasn’t being paid, because I love doing this”. Passion.!

  • Josue Martell
    Posted at 04:05h, 11 April Reply

    you guys are making a awesome progress!

  • Josue Martell
    Posted at 21:20h, 11 April Reply

    Are we going to see a new video diary?

  • Kortti
    Posted at 17:38h, 21 August Reply

    You should make more of those video clips!
    Awesome content that is very useful for game developers!
    Best wishes from Finland

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