Develop Conference 2015

20 Jul Develop Conference 2015

Dominic Matthews

Last week I went down to the Develop Conference in Brighton to talk about Hellblade and Independent AAA. The purpose of the talk was to present our concept of Independent AAA to the Develop audience and give an update on how Hellblade’s development is progressing under this model so far. Although the entire 45 min talk is not available as a video, you can see a 12 minute section of it here:

Following my talk I was really pleased to hear such strong support for the concept of Independent AAA and also chat to a lot of developers who felt that the model could be the way that they can continue making high production value games whilst maintaining strong creativity.

Here is a short interview that I gave after the talk:

  • André Vila Franca
    Posted at 14:40h, 20 July Reply

    Great presentation man! “We are making HELLBLADE not for everyone, but for our fans and for our supporters.” AWESOME!!
    Keep it up! This game will be a master piece!

  • Vince R.
    Posted at 18:39h, 20 July Reply

    Yes. This is everything I’d like to see in the future of games. A friend of mine and I just discussed how this might be the final generation of games we’re interested in being involved in simply because we’re growing tired of seeing the same games repeated. I like to dive into my games. I become invested in the characters and their trials, and I want to complete (or in some cases survive) everything the game has to offer, Ninja theory has already earned my loyalty with who you area and what you stand for, and every single extra bit of information you guys share only solidify that loyalty more. Thank you NT for the promise of a new and exciting experience….. but seriously…. when can I pre-order? Because I will.

  • L.S.
    Posted at 00:07h, 22 July Reply

    Great presentation as always, Mr. Matthews.

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