Hellblade is coming to PC

08 Jan Hellblade is coming to PC

Today we are happy to announce that Hellblade will be coming to PC, alongside the previously announced PlayStation 4 version. We’re excited to be bringing Hellblade to PC gamers and welcoming them into the Hellblade development journey. PC offers us fantastic opportunities to engage players in playtesting, usability testing and modding. We plan on grasping these opportunities with both hands to make Hellblade as good as it possibly can be for our fans.

  • Shinobi
    Posted at 16:12h, 08 January Reply

    Why? This is supposed to be a PS4 exclusive whyu are you betraying ur fans like this??? PC is for nerds

    • Ducky
      Posted at 16:18h, 08 January Reply

      Shinobi, it was never a PS4 exclusive. Development started with the PS4 in mind due to the limitations that come with such a small development team. I do wonder if it’s currently a timed PS4 exclusive, or if the PC version will release around the same time.

      • Jai_299
        Posted at 17:55h, 20 July Reply

        It makes no difference to your gaming experience whether PC players are also playing this game the same time as you. You are a mentally ill narcissist with entitlement issues.

        It’s one thing to believe irrationally that you’re entitled to something. But to believe you’re entitled to something and other people aren’t….that’s a special kind of crazy.

        • Jai_299
          Posted at 17:56h, 20 July Reply

          Sorry, wrong comment.

    • Monkey
      Posted at 16:23h, 08 January Reply

      your tears are delicious…

      • Tearhunter
        Posted at 20:24h, 10 June Reply


    • Bren Turner
      Posted at 16:25h, 08 January Reply

      From the beginning, Ninja Theory said “coming FIRST to PS4”. It was pretty obvious it would not be an exclusive, there’s nothing to be mad about.

      • R6ex
        Posted at 05:14h, 16 June Reply

        Thank God this is coming to PC!

        • scarlet
          Posted at 11:21h, 28 September Reply

          when exactly is it?

    • jibay
      Posted at 17:02h, 08 January Reply

      Well, I don’t get the concept of “betrayinbg fans by releasing a game on different platform”.
      Seriously, did a PC ‘nerd’ kill your family or whatever?

      Just grow up.

    • NationsAnarchy
      Posted at 17:06h, 08 January Reply

      Nerds ? You mean you play console because you’re not smart enough to buy or build one ?
      Grow up, kid. Seriously

    • Sikandar
      Posted at 17:16h, 08 January Reply

      Keep things cool! What did we do to you?
      Ninja Theory never said that it PS4 Exclusive. the did mention this ‘ Coming exclusively to PS4 First”…

    • ChaosBahamut
      Posted at 21:55h, 08 January Reply

      Since when is bringing a game out to multiple platforms a ‘betrayal’? Now if the PS4 version were canceled in favor of a PC version I would understand, but that’s not the case. The PS4’s getting the game, as planned, and now the PC’s getting the game AS WELL.

      And you darn right PC’s for nerds, considering it’s us nerds who run the world. 🙂

      • ZigZag
        Posted at 16:53h, 27 May Reply

        And the games industry.

    • Psionicinversion
      Posted at 22:10h, 08 January Reply

      Maybe its because they dont want to held back by pathetically weak hardware and want to push the boundaries to achieve there vision without it being a linear on rails “cinematic” experience

    • phoenixtype1
      Posted at 03:17h, 09 January Reply

      The game was being built on UE4. unreal engine has always been PC native. People need to stop acting so dramatic..

    • Sérgio Nehama
      Posted at 07:29h, 09 January Reply

      Man, betraying is a strong word for it isn’t it? Somehow you feel better if the game only comes to PS4? why?

    • Omission7x
      Posted at 23:55h, 09 January Reply

      Ninja Theory should target very high end visuals on this, 30 fps at least for current gen hardware. worked for Heavenly sword, Enslaved, and DmC. I expect no less than the quality from those games. some tessellation and extra HBAO would do wonders for the PC experience.

    • Robert
      Posted at 01:00h, 12 January Reply

      you should see mine look’s way cooler the a small plastic box.

    • Jared
      Posted at 04:29h, 13 January Reply

      Fanboy…you have failed this city.

    • John
      Posted at 20:49h, 31 January Reply

      U r the biggest idiot I have heard, the game was made on a pc for the ps4 not the other way around. without a computer you wouldn’t be playing anything on a ps4…DI*KHEAD

    • Woad
      Posted at 16:56h, 19 February Reply

      Idiot Shinobi, at least put some effort into your trolling.

    • Flyer
      Posted at 16:40h, 29 April Reply

      Shut your mouth, you filthy console peasant

      • Alsatia
        Posted at 01:42h, 24 December Reply

        LOL Console Peasant…

    • Will Fenton
      Posted at 11:38h, 29 June Reply

      You are getting the game, why do you have such a problem with it coming to PC?

      This is not betrayal, this is you wanting to spite gamers on other platforms, just to have the experience for yourself and your chosen system.

      PC is no more for ‘nerds’ than any gaming platform is. Drop the prejudices.

    • Rob
      Posted at 10:30h, 01 August Reply

      Gamers… such hatefull race. Can’t just appreciate a thing. Just be happy for those who don’t own or want a console for fuck’s sake.

    • liam mick
      Posted at 23:45h, 01 August Reply


    • DANTE
      Posted at 10:31h, 25 November Reply

      HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (Evil Laugh)

    • obi
      Posted at 11:52h, 22 January Reply

      shinobi, you are simply an idiot!

    • Paul Indrome
      Posted at 13:27h, 18 March Reply

      You are the reason we ALL can’t have nice things. Why so petty?

    • Xander
      Posted at 07:12h, 07 April Reply

      You are nerd, stupid boy

    • Craig White
      Posted at 23:36h, 10 April Reply

      Console peasant.

    • Marhall
      Posted at 16:55h, 22 November Reply

      pc is for nerd? ps4 is for loosers!

    • DickDangles
      Posted at 13:29h, 31 December Reply

      Lol, nerds. We want this game too. Not having a exclusive game doesn’t make sense to me. The more games for everyone, the merrier. I’m sick of people actually caring what console is better instead of enjoying all it has to offer.

    • fn noobie
      Posted at 14:57h, 06 January Reply

      Oh, dear baby Jesus. You’re getting the game on your precious PS4, aren’t you? They didn’t do a bait and switch and say they were going to release it on PS4 and then change their mind and release it on another console or platform instead, did they? Then STFU. When will you fan boys realize that exclusives are almost always a bad thing for consumers and for the gaming industry, in general. The more platforms a game releases on means the more players are able to be reached to enjoy the game and that’s ALWAYS a good thing. “Betraying ur fans”… Really? Stop with the melodrama, for God’s sake. It does no good for anyone, but especially you. #yourfanboyisshowing

    • zack archer
      Posted at 20:57h, 10 February Reply

      -_- dude did you get raped by a nerd. how did they betray the fans exactly ? i have a console and a pc if there is a game on both of course i would go with the pc better graphics and performance . with out pc there is no console how would they develop it just think before you talk man you sound stupid .

    • arseface
      Posted at 15:41h, 20 March Reply

      The Irony of calling PC gamers nerds and complaining because the game wont be a precious PS4 exclusive. Get a fucking life ya sad fuck!!

    • Attila
      Posted at 19:15h, 07 July Reply

      Without nerds your shit PS4 and any other console and all games never would exist … A nerd.

    • Jai_299
      Posted at 17:56h, 20 July Reply

      It makes no difference to your gaming experience whether PC players are also playing this game the same time as you. You are a mentally ill narcissist with entitlement issues.

      It’s one thing to believe irrationally that you’re entitled to something. But to believe you’re entitled to something and other people aren’t….that’s a special kind of crazy.

  • Starkad
    Posted at 16:16h, 08 January Reply


    • Shinobi
      Posted at 16:26h, 08 January Reply

      Edited: Not cool. Please keep things friendly.

      • Quinn DP
        Posted at 17:21h, 08 January Reply

        Rich news from you, after saying ‘PC is for nerds’ , please learn to be respectful yourself, rather than look to create arguments.

        • Flyer
          Posted at 16:44h, 29 April Reply

          Angree with you, as a guy that owned a PS3, X360 and PC, i gotta say, you are not a gamer if you disrespect a platform, yes there are exclusives, but if the producer wants to make a game exclusive first but the changes his mind, i am totally ok with it

      • Jared
        Posted at 04:30h, 13 January Reply

        This place is turning into IGN’s comment section.

      • fn noobie
        Posted at 15:00h, 06 January Reply

        OMFG! Really?! You broadbrush an entire community of gamers on a platform (PC) as a generally perceived negative stereotype (nerds) and say keep things friendly?! LMFAO! You can’t say incendiary things and not be ready to deal with the flame war YOU started.

      • harambe
        Posted at 21:05h, 10 February Reply

        well good luck with that man.

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  • Sikandar
    Posted at 17:14h, 08 January Reply

    Wow! This is great news!

  • Sikandar
    Posted at 17:19h, 08 January Reply

    Is it targeted for 2015 release?

  • Carlos
    Posted at 17:35h, 08 January Reply

    Excellent news!. PC definitely has the best platform for the best visuals, using technologies such as the ones from Nvidia (HBAO+, PhysX, etc), uperb resolutions (4K) and the best FPS (better at least than PS4 in most games). PS4 is not a bad platform, but will never win PC in terms of graphical detail and performance, the way it is now.

  • Nic727
    Posted at 17:54h, 08 January Reply

    I hope it will be on Xbox One too even if it could be released later. This game just look fantastic!

    • Phil
      Posted at 06:45h, 09 January Reply

      “Titles for Xbox 360 must ship at least simultaneously with other video game platform, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions in all regions where the title is available. If these conditions are not met, Microsoft reserves the right to not allow the content to be released on Xbox 360.” -Microsoft’s Content Submission and Release Policy

      This was from before August 2011 but I haven’t heard anything about the policy changing since then. Hopefully Microsoft pull their heads out of their asses and don’t screw over their own customers because of this crap.

      • Jai_299
        Posted at 17:59h, 20 July Reply

        It says they “reserve the right”, not that they would actually do it.

        And their policies have almost certainly changed since then.

        The idea that Microsoft would block a game from releasing on their console because it released on another console first is asinine. It would be entirely against their own interests to do so.

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  • crazytokill (locodematar)
    Posted at 18:47h, 08 January Reply


  • Pep González
    Posted at 19:30h, 08 January Reply

    Good news, NT! More platforms means more potential players. However, I’ll be sticking to PS4 for Hellblade (:

  • allEggsUnder
    Posted at 19:45h, 08 January Reply

    PC means Windows only or can we hope for Linux/OSX, too?

  • randomDude481
    Posted at 20:32h, 08 January Reply

    Good on ya, Ninja Theory! Got “Enslaved” during a Steam sale and thought it was one of the best action games of the year. Looking forward to this, and I won’t wait for a sale this time!

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  • skeletonKey
    Posted at 22:51h, 08 January Reply

    I’ll be getting it for PS4, as I’m not a PC gamer.

  • ed taylor
    Posted at 22:58h, 08 January Reply

    Wow! great news. I love that you are doing this. The company will definitely benefit from a larger audience. Not to mention PC gamers can create maps and what not. Thanks cannot wait

  • Stevonidas
    Posted at 23:23h, 08 January Reply

    Don’t gimp it, Ninja Theory. I don’t care if Sony threatens to withhold a license for the PS4 version, don’t you DARE hold back the PC version in the name of parity. Treat us PC gamers with RESPECT, and we’ll SHOWER you with MONEY. Look at Star Citizen for example:


    That’s nearly $70 MILLION DOLLARS from the pockets of PC gamers ONLY.


    • Stevonidas
      Posted at 23:26h, 08 January Reply

      Oh, and make it DRM-free too. Pretty please.

    • John
      Posted at 21:24h, 31 January Reply

      there’s millions more pc users than ps4 users..sony and there ps4 piece of garbage will never rule the gaming industry

  • Marcus of Earth
    Posted at 00:04h, 09 January Reply

    The blogosphere is buzzing about this and well deserved. With the power available in PCs today, I imagine the platform is a passionate developers dream. Enslaved while it didn’t sell like a blockbuster, is getting noticed by PC fans on Steam and the response is very positive. I think Ninja :Theory has found its home on PC..

    Let’s have some love for 21:9 Ultra Wide 144op gaming too!

  • Jonuchiha
    Posted at 00:26h, 09 January Reply

    Well done Ninja Theory, http://www.centrojuegos,net will keep rooting for you

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  • mangoluuu
    Posted at 02:42h, 09 January Reply

     we will only buy ps4 exclusive game, if you put it on pc we are glad to pirate it thank you for your kindness and we can save money to but other ps4 exclusive game!

    • randomDude481
      Posted at 05:11h, 09 January Reply

      Sorry about that brain injury, must be tough to live with. But at least you can find enjoyment in that toy console of yours, so that’s good. Just don’t forget to breathe every now and then, ok?

    • John
      Posted at 21:43h, 31 January Reply

      you know what you are, you are a little spoiled rotten piece of shit, still clinging on your mothers tit.. cause I can’t find any reason in the world to be mad at someone else playing the game in there own home on a pc or xbox…if everyone had it for ps4 you will still be sad cause your not the only one who has it. you’re just a little spoiled bit*h acting like a little baby. boohoohooo it’s coming to pc… so I hate all of you boohoohooo… aaaaah isn’t that a shame the babies crying …grow up will ya

  • hellblade
    Posted at 03:49h, 09 January Reply

    I planned to buy a ps4 version, but since you will release a free version, i will not buy your game on ps4

    • Sérgio Nehama
      Posted at 07:55h, 09 January Reply

      I dont have a powerful pc so i pirate games i’m interested in if they come to pc just to test them out (lower everything and still getting 25-30 fps only). If i like em, most of the times i end up buying them on consoles.

      Not gonna do this time, PS4 straight out of the game. Congrats to NT for making this available to a wider range of players. I just hope one development process does not impact the other and i sincerely hope the pirating levels don’t go astronomical on this one.

      • John
        Posted at 21:56h, 31 January Reply

        jealous much, you ps4 users act like people owe you something ..if it’s not exclusive I wont buy it. that’s like me saying I wont buy your mom cause your sucking her tit.. grow up

        people like to argue about the dumbest things they could possibly think of..

    • Jibay
      Posted at 08:11h, 09 January Reply

      Well, if one day you make games (or music, or books, or movies), you surely enjoy people like you getting your job for free because “Hey! It’s on the Internet so it’s free”.

      Anyway, enjoy your “free” game, if there’s no virus in it, of course.

    • RedBeardedT
      Posted at 18:36h, 18 March Reply

      I hope they use the new Denuvo so you can’t get a cracked version lol.

  • rayza
    Posted at 04:40h, 09 January Reply

    i’ll b getting it for both ps4 n pc i just love these guys man n will always support team heavenly sword

  • Pseudopsia
    Posted at 05:03h, 09 January Reply

    I bought Enslaved over the steam holiday sale. I am amazed how beautiful looks at high resolution and frame-rates. I’ll definitely buy this game on day one. I’m looking forward to following your progress.

  • LOL
    Posted at 08:04h, 09 January Reply

    PC gamers always beg for pc version at first which makes an illusion that many people will buy game on pc and when you put your game on pc they will pirate it at last. Ninja theory, you are fooled! Since PS4 cannot be pirated why do you provide free game?

    • jibay
      Posted at 08:52h, 09 January Reply

      Well, the things are a bit different than you think on PC.
      Basically everyone is a pirate on PC: movies, music, games, books or whatever, I don’t know people who sometimes, just don’t ‘grab’ it and think “Who cares?”.
      Luckily, more you find “good” legal offers, less you think like that. For games, Steam is a good ‘legal offer’ and there’s many customers who just pay for their games.

      So, for you, what’s the worse, Hellblade which sold 2M copies exclusively on PS4, or sold 3M copies and getting pirate 2M times? Just a hint, a pirated copy doesn’t cost any money to Ninja Theory.

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  • jose arango
    Posted at 12:07h, 09 January Reply

    who stupid and envy are the sonyers foolssssssss

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  • venom
    Posted at 19:00h, 09 January Reply

    very very good,steam preorder.yes ıam buy

  • Niccelson
    Posted at 19:01h, 09 January Reply

    First of all: BIG thank you to all the Ninjas making this possible. If the PC version is as solid as the port of DmC then I can see this game being a runaway success on Steam. Secondly, to all you salty Sony fans in here: why? It’s not like your version of the game is going to disappear just because it’s multi-platform.

    May your framrates be high and your temperatures low, brethren.

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  • mindw0rk
    Posted at 00:15h, 10 January Reply

    Thanks guys. We, PC gamers, appreciate it. Art of Hellblade looks incredible, as is the setting

  • Vital (Brownie_USSR)
    Posted at 19:58h, 10 January Reply

    Happy for the team – for the fact that they were fresh forces to begin work on the game and for other platforms (although on the Xone not yet known). I’m certainly not known for certain, but I believe that the main audience of Ninja Theory – owners of consoles Sony, and they mostly support the new project. Correct me if I’m wrong! 🙂

  • Brandon
    Posted at 04:10h, 11 January Reply

    Best news ever! Obviously a PC gamer here, and this announcement put this game on my radar. Now that I’ve watched all of the development videos and everything else I can find, this looks like it could be the game I’ve been waiting years to play! I can’t wait to hear more about the development and how this game progresses.

  • Victor
    Posted at 06:21h, 11 January Reply

    PC version is joke, maybe you will get 50000 sales on steam but you also will lose 200000 sales on ps4, you know the reason

    • Vital (Brownie_USSR)
      Posted at 09:54h, 11 January Reply

      Would lose if the game did not go on the PS4!

    • Jake
      Posted at 17:31h, 12 January Reply

      Haha Victor get your head out of your ass mate, this will double sales because it’s on two platforms now, if you’re not going to buy it just because it comes out on another platform, then you don’t deserve to play the game in the first place.

    • Benjamin Samms
      Posted at 02:22h, 13 January Reply

      50 thousand sales is still money for Ninja Theory… a pirated game doesn’t cost Ninja Theory anything. The more sales the better off they are.

  • Danny Tan
    Posted at 15:44h, 11 January Reply

    This is great news!. I purchased Enslaved during Steam sales (because it’s an old game) and it’s awesome. I’m going to buy the game on Steam Day 1. I’m not sure what everyone screaming about Steam sales, but i see myself pre-ordering every new game that i wanted to play without waiting for sales. First i wanted to play them and secondly, i support my favorite devs.

    Ps. By looking at the comment sections, seriously what has console gaming done to humanity? It seems cancerous and dividing gamers to became fanatics attacking and insulting others.

  • piratesunited
    Posted at 00:45h, 12 January Reply

    well uhm i was kinda exited for this game couse i loved heavenlysword so much, but its not fair to us ps4 users, pc users will get more fun out of the game caus they can mod and it will be cheaper to on pc not to mention that a large part will play it for free

    This was a day one buy for me but not annymore and i hope sony dont promote your game annymore ,

  • Hellblade To Be Released on PC, Ninja Theory Announce
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  • Benjamin Samms
    Posted at 21:41h, 12 January Reply

    Lets just let a talented dev team make a game without whining about exclusivity.

  • barry perry
    Posted at 18:26h, 14 January Reply

    i’m sure this game like all the other games will be awsome on any platform i don’t understand why so much hatred for different gamers

  • imarja21
    Posted at 19:24h, 19 January Reply

    You got yourself a costumer….big like….

  • Michel
    Posted at 01:02h, 23 January Reply

    Wonderful! I love the art style and theme design. What you’re doing is art. It would have been a loss for pc gamers if it only was made for ps. I wish all of us, pc and ps gamers, an interesting and fun development time and a wonderful experience to play the game. Thank you!

  • Jane
    Posted at 21:21h, 29 January Reply

    Yay! It’s gonna look SO GOOD with HD graphics on a PC, not the standard-esque graphics you get on the consoles 😀

  • Theodor
    Posted at 09:31h, 19 April Reply

    Why should it be an exclusive for ps4 when it’s game that deserves better, console peasants kneel before PC MasterRace; i would love to see this game released soon on pc , i’ve seen awesome gameplays and i can’t wait to try…keep up the good work ninja theory, and ty for sharing this game with those who own a pc 😀

  • Mark
    Posted at 09:17h, 09 August Reply

    Just like to say this looks like a great game, pleased it is going to be pc released. good luck with the project, fantastic graphics

  • Daniel Lawrence Smith IV
    Posted at 14:40h, 26 September Reply

    This comment is a dummy as I’m trying to figure out if it will post on this web thread or not. If it does, Ninja Theory is phenomenal.

  • B
    Posted at 15:14h, 13 October Reply

    Yo I won’t preorder because I don’t do that, but considering it is a quality experience on PC on release you have a sale here! Your game sounds awesome (and the most recent news about binaural audio is freaking awesome! I’ve been dying to see 3d audio in full on games for ages!)

  • Talyth
    Posted at 16:05h, 06 February Reply

    This is great! Can’t wait to try this game.

  • Sammuel
    Posted at 01:19h, 13 May Reply

    I don’t know why the “hate” for PS4 exclusive or not – i’m extremely glad it will come to PC (since is my “gaming plataform” of preference) and if it’s coming to the plataform that YOU PLAY, doesn’t matter if comes to others as well – as far as i see ALL GAMES SHOULD COME TO ALL PLATAFORMS TO ENSURE MAXIMUN PLAYER INCLUSION, and if possible (on online games) cross ALL PLAYERS IN ONE SINGLE SERVER FOR ALL PLATAFORMS TOGETHER! Great thing you guys are doing here!

  • Wilfried
    Posted at 22:49h, 14 May Reply

    ahhh great news
    now I hope we know the system requirements fast for PC 🙂

  • pramod
    Posted at 15:09h, 12 June Reply

    Guys i am from india and i am big fan of ninja theory games and i am waiting for hellblade…………….realy good job guys..

  • Meridel
    Posted at 09:06h, 27 July Reply

    Well… a huge thanks to Ninja Theory ! I thought I would have to buy a ps4 to play the game… although I guess I’ll have to upgrade my graphic card ! Still, this is very good news 🙂

  • Jane
    Posted at 16:31h, 25 January Reply

    This is great news! I can get even more excited now as I don’t own a console!

  • Dimi
    Posted at 04:47h, 27 January Reply

    Xbox ? If you ‘re doing a PC port, an Xbox version is a bit of a no brainer.

    • Jai_299
      Posted at 18:00h, 20 July Reply

      Agreed. I would definitely buy this game if it released for Xbox. Come on, NT.

  • Blaze Rhodon
    Posted at 15:18h, 22 February Reply

    Flame wars because this game will be released for other platforms…. really I don’t understand it. PS4 owners already have most AAA games and many of them are locked for PS4 (I hate this term “exclusive” because this policy is anti-consumer), and it is still too little for them. You doing right thing Ninja Theory, games should be available for everyone who want to play it, no matter what system they use. I don’t want second Heavenly Sword case. BTW I think you should make PC version for Heavenly Sword, you can be sure that many people will want to play it on PC without paying Sony for PS Now (PS Now is also bad solution ihmo).

  • DeeBee
    Posted at 18:22h, 10 April Reply

    You mean pirated for PC. SMH

    • Blaze Rhodon
      Posted at 20:41h, 25 April Reply

      Hahahaha! I own three original copies of Heavenly Sword for PS3 (I bought every of them for 6 dollars) and I dumped and decrypted them for RPCS3 use (I backed them up as well, but I don’t share these dumps). It it legal if you want to know, so stop your BS!

  • Alex_GamerMaker
    Posted at 13:51h, 08 May Reply

    grow up Shinobi haha why so sour that the game is coming for Pc fanboy? Did your party got crashed? Guess what as*wipe it was NEVER a PS exclusive, stick that to your peanut brain and get over it. As a Ps, Xbox and Pc gamer it doesn’t really bother me if a game is exclusive or not as long as IT IS COMING. And do not belittle us Pc gamers little man cause we are the first in gaming community. You console fanboys owe us. We gave the inspiration to build CONSOLES and thus your having one now. Besides, maybe you don’t know how to play Pc games afterall. I guess all the things you just know is pressing the damn button shapes HAHA

  • Turki Falah Al Qahtani
    Posted at 12:34h, 08 August Reply

    Does the game support the translation of Arabic?
    I hope to reply as soon as possible.

  • Turki Falah Al Qahtani
    Posted at 13:26h, 08 August Reply

    I bought the game from Steam but did not find the Arabic language how to find the Arabic language ?
    I hope to reply as soon as possible.

  • IFT
    Posted at 15:13h, 06 March Reply

    I guess that means they (the publisher) was happy with PC sales of DMC. I bought it for 20€ and I think it’s a great game tbh.

  • dean
    Posted at 21:54h, 18 May Reply

    I just bought your game. Up until the beach level fps was solid 60fps. The beach however stutters when looking certain directions. Now I have tested this on lowest settings, latest gpu drievrs, 720p and ssd. My specs are gtx 980, i54670k + 16gb ram. Still get the same stutter. Sometimes freezes for a millisecond. I read about it online and it seems many others have this issue. If I can run other unreal engine games (AK GOW4) on my system at high/ultra settings (not to mention the latest bf1 and many others) I no its not my system.Can you optimise it so I can play it please, otherwise I will have to get a refund, but I would rather be able to play it as it looks good and can tell that effort went into it so it would be a shame.

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